Monday, November 26, 2012

D4M Final: Reel Animation -Post 3-

I Have Everything "Reelized"...

     So this week I concentrated on figuring out the texture and beginning to rig my film strip for animating. I also played around with lighting and creating the text for my name.  

When I was texturing the film strip, I kept running into a problem with the transparency. I couldn't get the alpha to work in the transparency plug-in in the Mia Material X, because in this material the alpha needs to be plugged into the Cutout Opacity. When I figured this out I didn't have any problems with the transparency. 

This is before I figured out the problem

This is after I figured out the texture
    After I figured out the texture I began rigging the film strip. I decided I am going to use the rigging for the first half of the short and then use blend objects for the part when the film strip turns into an "s" shape.

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