Saturday, October 6, 2012

Project Yoakam Contribution -Post 1-

Week 1...

    For our second Design for Media project, we had to vote on our favorite proposed ideas and only three would be created. This wonderful idea here, was one of the three that won. Everyone for class was given the opportunity to choose which group they wanted to be in. Our group has the most students the class has ever had on one project with 25 people!
    Thursday was our first meeting and we were all assigned jobs for the project. I was chosen to be the Head of Editorial. I am the person in charge of production documentation and oversee the project's blog, credit list, and the making of movie and research of potential competitions. At least that's how the project outline describes the Head of Editorial role. 
    Anyway for this week I created a customized organization chart that had everyone and their position listed. 
   I also was asked to collect some different choices of fabric to make the puppet out of, since I have a lot of fabric at home.
Mass amount of fabric

Different fabrics

 Personally, I am extremely excited for this project and can't wait to see how it turns out! It has the potential to be an awesome video.

Also here is the projects blog, so you can see the progress of Project Yoakam. 

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