Thursday, October 25, 2012

Zombie War -Post 1-

Yes zombies...

    So for my Zombie lit class our final is to create something that summarizes what we've focused on throughout the weeks. I choose to do something about women and zombies. In most movies we've watched the women have been not very central or helpful to the zombie epidemic. They mostly get in the way really.

   My idea was to create some kick ass mo-fo women to battle zombies, and have one cowering man. I have not decided if I wanted to sexy-fy the women, kind of like they do in comic books. I'm thinking about doing this to play with the idea of how women are really only a sex symbol in some movies like the first one we watched White Zombie.

15" x 25"

     This is just a very sketchy composition work out, and i wanted to get the figures flushed out as well. I'm really happy with the middle figure and probably will change the zombies and maybe the left figure as well. Hope you liked it!!

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