Monday, October 15, 2012

Computer Animation: Bar Model -Post 5-

Final Progress of Model...

     Okay so after weeks of modeling, I finally have a "finished" piece. I say "finished" because there are still small details I have to work out. For one, all the neon signs are not done, because I ran into some issues with figuring out the lettering. Instead of just fudging my way through the signs, I decided to do them right. As a result it is going to take longer than anticipated. 

Anyway without further ado here are the shots:

      Uncountable hours have gone into the making of this model, and I will soon be working on texturing and lighting. Once the model is complete I am going to do a camera walkthrough, then "destroy" the whole establishment.

If you want to see previous posts for detail shots and progress shots:

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