Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project Yoakam Contribution -Post 4-

Filming has begun...

     The puppet was completed by last Tuesday, and made it's big show. This last week we started actually filming our shots. The first day we shot, some of the videos were over exposed and we needed to reshoot. Actually in the second time we shot the dark room scene I am an extra in the corner, you can barely see me but I'm here. 
      The marketing team began brainstorming titles for Project Yoakam, and are having some final ideas by Tuesday. Also Tuesday, we are going to go over different credit information for the end of the short, and any other loose end we need to tie up. 

       As a personal contribution to the project, I again sent out information emails, and I began research on different competitions we could enter Project Yoakam. 

     This week we should finish all our filming and really begin post-editing to all the shots and visual effects, and have a finished piece. We also will being wrapping up the documentary and all the credits and marketing. So, next couple weeks are going to be busy, but we're almost there and we have something great!

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