Sunday, October 14, 2012

Project Yoakam Contribution -Post 2-

Week 2...

     This week we finished the puppet design and finalized the storyboards. We also discussed possible locations in more depth. We also had the fun job of naming the puppet! Chelsea gets credit for the name Murphy!

     Myself I have been keeping everyone organized with an attendance sheet and emails after each meeting going over the meeting and what needs to get done for next meeting.

     I also went with Kevin Harkness to Jo-ann to get some final fabric for the puppet. Even though I'm not part of the puppet crew, I know a lot about fabric and helped Kevin pick out the right fabric. 

     We also created a color pallet by laying fabric on the floor.

     Overall the project is going good, not too many bumps in the road so far. We are going to start filming once the puppet is completed. So excited about this project and cant wait to see the finished product!!

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