Sunday, September 30, 2012

Computer Animation: Bar Model -Post 2-

So many little items, so many...

     So I've been working all weekend on my environment, I want to get it done by this weekend because I need to work on my video self portrait next weekend. It is frustrating that they are due at the same time. I struggled a lot with the pool table, trying to get all the holes right. Well without further-a-due I give you my progress shots!

Bar view of liquor cabinet 

Liquor cabinet

Pool Room

Table condiments

     So, I still have a lot on my list to model, A LOT!. My current number is 23, but that does not include, door frames windows and wall detailing like wood paneling. Needless to say this is going to be a big week for me, because I have to finish modeling the bar, start and finish my Video project, and come up with a great project idea! On a side note, I'm getting really frustrated with coming up with big project idea, because all the ideas I keep coming up with are way too big and I have no idea how to do them. So, I think it is going to be a stop motion piece, but I need to come up with a concept/story for it.

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