Saturday, September 1, 2012


           I decided my first post on this blog should be an introduction of myself, a little back history to the author of this blog if you will.

        I grew up in a small town called Ft. Loramie, and half of my life I lived above a bar that my parents owned, needless to say I had a very interesting childhood. My parents still own The Keyhole, and I work there bartending when I have a weekend off. Not to advertise for the place, but we are locally famous for our pizza. A lot of my art started sitting at the bar and sketching out ideas.
       As for education I graduated from Ft. Loramie High School and I attended Upper Valley Career Center in their Business financial department. While attending high school I joined the post-secondary program at my local community college and got my freshman year of college out of the way. Currently I am a junior at Columbus College of Art and Design, studying animation.
         Overall I am a very happy-go-lucky person that likes to crack jokes and make people laugh. I am very dedicated to school and work, and very excited to start concentrating on my major this year. 

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