Monday, September 10, 2012

Project Hiroshi Hayakawa -Post 3-

Color Pallets

Pet Comedy


       For my pet idea, I created 3 different pallets that would work with all the different pets for the comedy. I tried to get it all in one pallet, but I couldn't since there are different animals. I have given some thought about what kind of "environment" the pets would be in, and I came to the conclusion between Tom & Jerry and Simon's cat. Where the pets are mean to each other in a cat and mouse way. 

Victorian Life


       For the Victorian life idea, I narrowed it down to two different pallets. I only want to use one, but i couldn't decided between the two. I like the top one the most personally, but I feel like the bottom one is more Victorian colors. Also I re-drew my character contracts, trying to use "my biggest brush first". 

    I'm thinking of adding two more male characters, it would be the owl girl's father and another suitor that she prefers to the snob shown.

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