Thursday, September 6, 2012

Improving my Skills.


   Over the summer I realized that I really needed to work on my photoshop painting skills. I figured I'd show some of that on here, and what I've been currently been working on.

   Before I really thought about how to improve my skills, I created a piece to see where my current skills are.
   Within a week, I had already improved my skills greatly. The main reason my skill improved greatly is because I started using reference photos.

    As you can see my skill really increased, after deciding to use references. Currently I am working on Boba Fett, from star wars. I have not decided if I want to color it or not, but here is the work-in-progress.

    I'm going to start working on this some more, because I've been neglecting it for a few weeks now. I really want to finish it because I feel as if it is my best yet. 

Thanks for reading,
  MELANIE S. Mescher

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