Sunday, September 2, 2012

Project Hiroshi Hayakawa -Post 1-

Overview & Inspiration 

   For my first project for Design For Media we need to come up with two different ideas with sketches and inspirational artists for both. The project is a menagerie, a collection of objects or figures that relate by theme, color, and design.

    After a while of brainstorming I decided on what my two ideas would be. One of my ideas is to do a collection of all my families animals which totals to be seven. For my other idea I want to try to explore some Victorian time characters, recently I've been very interested in Victorian novels. 
,I would do one animal concept design and one human character designs. I figured if I was going to a collection of animals I should do my zoo of a house, and for the collection of human characters I wanted to do my current favorite time in history and that's the Victorian age. 

    For inspirational artists I have a few different artists and movies in mind. Simon Tofield is the artist that inspired me to use my own animals as inspiration for my first idea. Linked there is Simon's website, and there you can find some of his animations. 

   I was also looking at Nicolas Marlet concept work, and his characters Muk and Luk from Balto for style inspiration. I like how they are cutesy but still believable as the animals they are. Linked there is a fan-based blog. I couldn't find his own personal blog, but the fan-based one has a lot of his artwork. 
   His style of people really inspired my second idea, I've always wanted to do exaggerated people with different features that, well, couldn't exist in the real world. I have never been able to manage it, so we'll see how this goes.


      When I started thinking about my second idea, I kept thinking about Pixar's new movie Brave, and I realized I really wanted to use it as color inspiration. So my final inspiration isn't really an artist, more of a movie. I compiled some concept art and some environmental stuff from Brave.

      In the next post, I will have the sketches & photos for the Hiroshi Hayakawa Project.

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